Blogging a painting: I

I’m starting a new painting and have decided to blog the painting process.  For two reasons:  First, I have three unfinished canvasses in my small flat, and don’t want a fourth, so blogging a picture should ensure I finish it. Second, I’d appreciate any feedback along the way.

The picture will be based on a press photo I found online (to be revealed in due course), and I’ll start by transferring what I want from the photo to the canvas using the age-old ‘grid’ method.

I’m using the grid drawing tool at to add a 36 x 24 grid to the digital photo (my canvas is 36″ x 24″), and I’m now, with pencil and ruler, covering the canvas with one inch squares.

Is grid drawing cheating?  Well, if it was good enough for Dürer.


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